Wire wheels have been around for quite some time, but the styling really seemed to catch on in the ‘50s with various auto manufacturers using this wheel by choice, rather than necessity. Chrome is the norm for cars of this era, so a set of highly reflective wire wheels was the perfect complement to the chrome-clad machines of this era. Until now, wheel companies have relied on ancient manufacturing techniques, which produce less than perfect wheels. Roadster Wire Wheel plans to change that with its new line of wire wheels for a wide range of applications.

The Ford Thunderbird wire wheel starts out with a rolled steel hoop, which is treated to a four-layer nickel chrome plating process, inside and out. The result is a flawless finish that is long lasting and easy to maintain. When it’s time for assembly the hubs are laced up with 56 stainless steel spokes, which will not rust, as compared to chrome-plated steel spokes. The stainless steel spokes are much stronger than regular steel, which keeps the wheels running true with no maintenance.

Correct sizing and backspacing is important with Thunderbirds, as most of the early cars had relatively tight confines in the wheel wells, and most featured fender skirts to make wheel fitment even more difficult. You can rest assured that Roadster Wire Wheels builds a good wheel, and it will fit perfectly. Every set is gauge-tested twice for accuracy, and guaranteed to fit cars with or without fender skirts.

The Thunderbird wire is a lip-laced design with 56 stainless steel spokes, and model-specific hubs for authentic lug patterns, rather than giving it a generic multi-lug hub like many other manufacturers. The wheels are available in 14×5-, 14×5.5-, 15×5- and 15×6-inch sizing and fit 1955 to 1968 Thunderbirds. Made in the USA and backed by a three-year structural warranty, the new Thunderbird wires from Roadster Wire Wheel are a great choice for your classic restoration.