Model Specific Hubs

Some wire wheel companies offer authentic wheels for classic cars, yet they produce multi-lug hubs and generic wheels that would fit nearly any platform. Sure, the model-specific cap will pop into place, but you’re not getting the real deal, in terms of authenticity. Roadster Wire Wheels offers the most authentic wire wheel reproductions on the […]

New Chrome Plating Procedure

Chrome plating has been around for decades, and it’s what most car guys love the most about cars from the ‘50s and ‘60s. Chrome wire wheels were all the rage, and still are to this day. However, many wheel companies are resorting to lower quality plating processes to save money on production. Here at Roadster […]

The Advantages of Stainless Steel

Whether it’s used for structural stability or simply for looks, stainless steel has many advantages over mild steel. That’s why Roadster Wire Wheels recently switched from standard steel spokes to stainless steel. This makes for a much stronger wheel that tested and professionally trued before it leave our headquarters. We chose stainless steel because it’s […]