Hot Rod Wire Wheels

The two worlds of wire wheels are drastically different. One side of the spectrum is all about chrome-plated finishes and factory specifications, while the hot rod side of things is all about size and fitment in relation to the car’s stance and tire sizing. Luckily, Roadster Wire Wheels handles both the restoration-style wire wheels for vehicles like Cadillac, Packard and Buick, and for customized hot rods and street rods.

You rarely see a set of chrome wire wheels on a hot rod or street rod, but it was once a very popular trend. Now, it’s all about finding the perfect hue to offset the car’s body color. Painted or powder-coated wire wheels are very popular among street rod enthusiasts. Roadster Wire Wheels offers 12 different powder-coat options for its Hot Rod Wire wheels, and seven different center cap options. When you throw in the two options for trim rings (if you choose 14-, 15- or 16-inch diameter wheels) there are all sorts of possibilities.

Roadster’s Hot Rod Wire wheels feature a 52-spoke design, and four options for bolt patterns. You can choose from 20 different sizes, ranging from 14-inch diameters to 20-inch diameters. The wheels are manufactured to accept ’32-35 Ford O.E. caps, but there are several options available through Roadster Wire Wheels.