Chrysler Wire WheelThe Chrysler Corporation had a style all its own, dating back to the mid ‘30s when it introduced the infamous Airflow design, which was way ahead of its time. While its design techniques and finished products stood out against other makes and models, Chrysler chose to utilize a chrome-plated wire wheel, much like its competitors. Of course, the Chrysler wire wheel had its differences, but the elegant qualities of a chrome wire wheel were just as strong.

These days, finding a good set of Chrysler wires at a swap meet is nearly impossible, and even then, the wheels will require a total restoration. To save automotive restorers and enthusiasts several steps of the restoration process, Roadster Wire Wheels manufactures Chrysler wire wheels in factory dimensions. The wheels are available for Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth and Desoto automobiles, ranging from 1933 to 1966. The original lug bolt pattern changed over the years, so Roadster offers Chrysler wire wheels in both 5×4.5-inch and 5×5.5-inch bolt patterns. The Chrysler wire wheel is a versatile choice for any early Mopar. The bolt patterns, sizes and offsets will also allow these stylish wire wheels to fit on some Hudson and Studebaker models.

The rolled steel rim is treated to a show-quality chrome-plating process and mated to the model-specific hub with 56 stainless steel, center-laced spokes. Chrysler wire wheels are available in 14×6- and 15×6-inch sizing, which opens up the possibilities for various years and models. These wheels match the factory specs for late 1940’s to 1966 Chrysler Imperial. You won’t have to deal with the air leaks that are common with original wire wheels, as they feature a tubeless design. Match them with a set of whitewalls (bias ply or radial) from Coker Tire and you have a classic combination for your collectible Chrysler.

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