Buick Wire WheelThe Buick Motor Company is known for building luxurious cars, and that legacy traces back to the earliest days of production. While cheaper cars featured basic steel wheels with hubcaps, Buick began producing cars in the 1940’s with these classic wire wheels. Paired with a set of wide whitewall tires, the Buick wire wheels created a custom look straight from the factory, and withstood the test of time, as they are still a popular choice for restored, as well as custom Buicks from the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s.

Roadster Wire Wheels produces this classic wheel in 15×6-inch sizing, with 2.5 inches of backspacing for use on Buicks from the ‘40s through the ‘80s. These wheels feature a single bolt pattern, so they are designed specifically for Buicks, rather than a multi-purpose wheel for various cars. The lug bolt pattern is five on five inches, which is a large GM pattern that is common with all classic Buicks. During the course of production, all Buick (non Skylark) wire wheels featured 56 stainless steel spokes in a cross-laced pattern.

There are two options for center caps, but both units are made from steel and feature a high-quality chrome-plated finish and stainless steel spokes. One option is a Thunderbird style cap with a three-bar spinner design and a red Buick logo in the center, while the other cap option is commonly known as the Buick moon cap, which is a smooth dome with a red Buick logo in the center. Both are a nice complement to the chrome wire wheels, and fit the style of classic Buicks perfectly. Many custom builders use the Buick moon cap because of its sleek appearance.

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